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Rejuvenation without downtime!

Sublative Laser Treatments are known as the new gold standard in aesthetic medicine. At VITAHL, we use expert technology, The Venus Viva. This sublative laser treatment is a non-invasive and effective treatment that stimulates fibroblasts in the skin to make new collagen, while simultaneously tightening the existing collagen to improve skin laxity, texture, lines and wrinkles.

Many people desire the effects of full skin resurfacing for fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring, but hesitate due to the downtime and cost. Sublative resurfacing lasers were created to fill the need for the desirable results of fractional CO2 resurfacing but without the downtime, pain and cost.

Due to the unique technology of this RF laser, the majority of the laser activity from the procedure occurs under the skin, as sublative rejuvenation, allowing for less downtime for the patient, less surface skin removal, and better results than treatments done with traditional fractional lasers. The image below shows how the Venus Viva sublative lasers’ pins go deeper into the skin and affect the underlying levels, as opposed to removing more surface skin and damaging the top level.

RF Sublative laser treatments are most effective when done as a series of treatments, with at least 3 treatments being completed, usually in 4-6 week intervals. Multiple treatments are needed for full effects and you will continue to see your improvements develop, becoming more and more noticeable 2-6 months after your series is completed, with continued improvement and results occurring up to 9-12 months later. This series of treatments can also be combined with other treatments including IPL, Laser Genesis, Ovivo Sol to enhance the effects of the treatment.