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Refresh your skin with regular exfoliation

The Fountain

Take hydration to the next level with VITAHL’s exclusive new treatment. We combine some VITAHL favorites, including a dermaplane and Laser Genesis with hydrating masks and a little relaxation. This treatment is not only one to indulge in, but it will also exfoliate and hydrate your skin like no other!

The Trifecta

Exfoliate, hydrate & stimulate collagen with The Trifecta. By combining a dermaplane with Laser Genesis & HydraFacial, VIATHL has formulated a treatment with no downtime that is second to none.


Dermaplane manually exfoliates your skin, leaving improved texture and tone of the outermost layer. Dermaplanning not only helps free pores of debris, but also removes the fuzzy hairs on your face without leaving you stubbly.