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Vitahl No Sweat Event

What is this event?

VITAHL’s No Sweat Event is a one day only consultation day where you get to sit down one on one and discuss the permanent solution (miraDry) to underarm hyperhidrosis. It is held at our North Cherry Creek office where we started our practice 14 years ago! Reserve a time and place $50 down to secure your special price and goodie bag.

Then what’s miraDry?

miraDry is a revolutionary treatment that gets rid of sweat, odor, and hair in a short 1-hour appointment. Say whattt!?

It’s true, miraDry uses microwave technology to safely heat the area of the armpit where pesky sweat glands live. It destroys the gland’s ability to produce odor and sweat in doing so. VITAHL is among the top 10 practices in the nation, our certified providers (who are also RN’s and PA’s!) will all be present on January 15th to get your sweat questions answered this day!

Does miraDry hurt?

Nope! We numb the area completely before treatment, resulting in an extremely comfortable treatment, which only takes an hour!

What results can I expect?

We recommend a series of 2 treatments to achieve an average of 82% reduction in sweat. The reduction of sweat results is immediate!

Is there an age minimum?

Yes, we only treat patients who are 18 years or older.

How to attend the event:

  1. Buy a ticket to lock in your consultation*
  2. Reserve your time to come in for the consultation.
  3. Come to the event, enter raffles, enjoy refreshments and snacks.
  4. Sit down with our medical staff to get all your burning questions answered!
  5. Get the best pricing of the year on miraDry.
  6. Leave with your AMAZING goodie bag filled!

Spots will fill up, make sure to reserve your consult for 1.15.20 now!

*$50 deposits are non-refundable and must be used towards a purchase on event day!

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