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Meet the New Kid on the Block

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed fine lines and wrinkles that seem to appear with every facial expression you make? You’re not alone. Aging is a natural process, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your skin looking firm, smooth, and youthful. If you are familiar with neurotoxins, you might have heard of DAXXIFY — the newest player in the world of anti-aging injectables. But what exactly is DAXXIFY, and how does it compare to other options?

At VITAHL Medical Aesthetics in Denver, Colorado, we like to stay at the forefront of skin care technology. As one of the first aesthetic practices to offer DAXXIFY, we’ve seen firsthand how this innovative injectable can provide beautiful and long-lasting results. If you’re looking for an effective way to get rid of unwanted expression lines and wrinkles, our team of skilled medically licensed injectors has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you learn more about DAXXIFY and determine if this new, exciting treatment option is right for you.


DAXXIFY is the world’s newest anti-aging injectable. It smooths out fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing the underlying muscles that cause them, leaving your skin looking refreshed and youthful for six months or longer. DAXXIFY is made with botulinum toxin and works similarly to other anti-wrinkle treatments like BOTOX, but utilizes a brand-new patented Peptide Exchange Technology™ (PXT) to stabilize the formula and enhance its overall performance.

DAXXIFY is the first and only anti-wrinkle injectable to be stabilized with this proprietary blend of novel peptides. Aesthetic experts have called this the first significant innovation in the neurotoxin market in decades, thanks to its ability to greatly increase the product’s longevity. DAXXIFY’s unique formulation also means that it is completely free of human serum albumin and animal-based proteins used as a stabilizer in other popular brands.

What this means for you is that DAXXIFY is an effective, long-lasting, and “pure” anti-wrinkle injectable free from unwanted proteins and additives. If you want to try DAXXIFY, call us at 303-388-7380 to book your consultation today at VITAHL Medical Aesthetics.

“I’m excited to give my patients the opportunity to experience DAXXIFY. Its innovative peptide formula and longer-lasting results set it apart from other injectables on the market. DAXXIFY is the first major breakthrough and innovation in the industry that we’ve seen in years — it certainly is a game-changer in the world of anti-aging injectables!”
Tahl N. Humes, VITAHL’s Medical Director

How Does DAXXIFY Work?

DAXXIFY is a neuromodulator or neurotoxin, like Botox and Dysport, so it works in the same way by temporarily smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles. When neurotoxins are injected beneath the skin and into your facial muscles, they block them from receiving signals from your nerves that tell them to contact. With that communication interrupted, muscle activity is temporarily decreased in treated areas. And less muscle activity = fewer wrinkles.

Over time, repetitive muscle movements create deep lines and creases that appear with every laugh, squint, or raised eyebrow. When the muscles are relaxed, they don’t contract as strongly, so the skin isn’t pulled or creased in the same way. Because of this, relaxing the muscles can also prevent existing wrinkles from worsening and new ones from forming.

DAXXIFY Benefits

  • Newest FDA-approved neurotoxin backed by years of research
  • Lasts longer than any other brands on the market — up to 6 months or more
  • Provides effective wrinkle-reduction for people who are resistant to BOTOX
  • Proprietary peptides enhance its performance
  • “Pure” formula contains no human or animal-based ingredients
  • Maintain a youthful appearance with twice-yearly treatments
  • Suitable for neurotoxin veterans
  • Peptide-based formula gives the skin a unique “Daxi glow”

What DAXXIFY Treats

DAXXIFY is FDA-approved to temporarily reduce the appearance of frown lines or wrinkles that appear between the eyes. However, it can also treat the signs of aging that appear in other areas of the face, such as:

  • Forehead lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown lines
  • Bunny lines
  • Masseters

DAXXIFY can also be used off-label to treat certain medical concerns, such as excessive sweating and migraines. No matter what your needs are, our medical experts can assess your concerns and develop a personalized treatment plan just for you.

Is DAXXIFY Right for Me?

DAXXIFY is a safe and effective treatment for both men and women who want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The long-lasting results tend to appeal to more experienced BOTOX users, but anyone can benefit from this innovative treatment. Ideal candidates for DAXXIFY include people who are:

  • BOTOX veterans who want longer-lasting results
  • Resistant to BOTOX
  • Looking for a way to erase or prevent wrinkles
  • Not allergic to DAXXIFY or any of its ingredients

During your consultation, our team of aesthetic experts will assess your needs to help determine if DAXXIFY is right for you and if you should take any precautions. Unlike dermal fillers, neurotoxin injectables cannot be reversed, so it’s important to choose an experienced provider like those at VITAHL who will take the time to understand your unique goals.

What to Expect During Your DAXXIFY Treatment

Getting DAXXIFY is a quick and relatively painless treatment. Most patients are in and out in 15-30 minutes with little to no downtime, making it the perfect “lunchtime” treatment. When you arrive for your appointment, our medically licensed injectors will review your aesthetic goals to ensure accurate, personalized results. Then, using a thin needle, small amounts of DAXXIFY will be strategically injected into your facial muscles to smooth away unwanted lines and wrinkles.

Each injection takes just a few seconds to complete and the procedure is generally well-tolerated by patients. Afterward, you’ll be able to immediately resume your normal routine with minimal interruption to your busy day.

Kristina is amazing and my GO-TO GAL for all injectables. I trust her and her expert advice. She has been in the industry for a long time and is so well educated and takes her jobs and skills very seriously. She is professional yet personable at the same time – she made me feel comfortable and I left feeling so confident. I will send all my friends to her!”
A.G., Google review

DAXXIFY Recovery & Results

You’ll be able to return home and resume all normal activities without downtime after your DAXXIFY appointment. However, you may experience some minor swelling, redness, and bruising at the injection sites for a few days, but this can be easily covered with makeup and should resolve on its own. You will want to avoid exercise for 24 hours and laying down for 4 hours after treatment. We also recommend avoiding massaging or rubbing the treated area for up to 24 hours to prevent the neurotoxin from spreading.

Your DAXXIFY results will start to appear shortly after your appointment. You should start to notice a decrease in muscle movement within a few days, with the full effect taking up to 2 weeks to fully develop. During this time, your face may feel “fuller” or tighter than usual, which indicates that the neurotoxin is working. Once the muscles are relaxed, your skin will look refreshed and more youthful with fewer expression lines and wrinkles.

The results of neurotoxins like DAXXIFY are both temporary and cumulative. With repeat treatments, many patients find that it “trains” their muscles to stay relaxed for longer periods of time. You may also eventually need less product to achieve your desired results.

Ready for Your DAXXIFY Treatment?

If you’re interested in DAXXIFY, the first step is to schedule a consultation with a qualified clinician. At VITAHL Medical Aesthetics, our team of expert injectors and skin care experts have years of experience with anti-wrinkle injectables and will carefully consider your needs, goals, and preferences to create a personalized treatment plan just for you. To get started, call our office at 303-388-7380 or click here to book your appointment today!


At VITAHL Medical Aesthetics, many patients wonder if DAXXIFY is superior to BOTOX. However, it’s not a matter of which is “better,” but rather which treatment option best fits your unique anatomy and aesthetic goals. Some people actually prefer their anti-wrinkle injectable of choice to wear off sooner so the results are more customizable. However, others like the appeal of not having to come in as often for touch-up appointments, especially if they have busy schedules. Ultimately, it comes down to a matter of personal preference — both options can help you achieve smoother, more youthful skin free of unwanted wrinkles.

In clinical trials, results were seen as early as a few days after treatment. However, most patients start to notice fewer lines and reduced muscle activity within a week or two. Due to DAXXIFY’s unique peptide formula, the onset tends to be a little faster than other neurotoxins, but results take 2 weeks to reach full effect.

The cost of DAXXIFY varies depending on several factors, such as the location and size of the treatment area, the number of units needed, and the experience of your provider. Typically, DAXXIFY costs more per unit than other neurotoxins, because it lasts almost twice as long as BOTOX and Dysport. When you compare the final price of the treatment, the cost of DAXXIFY may end up being on par with your current wrinkle relaxer.

As with any medical procedure, there are some risks and side effects associated with DAXXIFY. The most common side effects are bruising, swelling, and redness at the injection site. In rare cases, some patients may also experience headaches, drooping eyelids, or double vision.. Typically, side effects resolve on their own within a few days or as the neurotoxin begins to wear off in the following months.