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vampire prp facial patient

Draw blood in your fight against aging

Have you heard of PRP?  This age-defying serum is now available on VITAHL in the Vampire Facial®!

The latest in treatments to boost youthful, healthy skin are treatments utilizing the benefits of our own blood!  This treatment includes the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) taken from your own blood before being infused into the skin with a Microneedling or Sublative laser treatment. It amplifies these treatments by further stimulating collagen and elastin, correcting damage from aging and the environment.

During a Vampire Facial®, a small amount of blood is drawn then spun in a centrifuge in order to stabilize the plasma.  This specific method keeps the plasma active and useful throughout the treatment.  Once the PRP is prepped, it will be infused into the skin through a Microneedle or Sublative laser treatment – this is because for best results the skin’s barrier must be disrupted to create a pathway for the treatment.