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As we step into 2012, many of us are making resolutions to get our bodies fit, but are we working to get our skin fit? While getting our bodies in shape may not be easy, we all know we need to eat well and work out in order to keep our bodies healthy and fit. Once our bodies are at our ideal shape, we need to keep ourselves fit with maintenance. Our skin also needs to be kept fit and healthy.

Skin fitness can be broken into three categories ? preventing damage, treating damage, and maintaining skin health. To prevent your skin from looking unfit or unhealthy, we all need to be using sun block each day. We also can prevent wrinkles using Botox and lasers. Once we are at the point where we can see the signs of sun damage, including brown spots, redness and wrinkles, we need to start treating our skin to get skin fit. These treatments should be tailored to meet each patient?s skin fit goals, and are best achieved with combination therapy using Botox, lasers, and dermal fillers. Finally, as with our bodies, our skin also needs maintenance treatments to keep our skin healthy.

We too wish there was a one time treatment that would fix all of our skin care issues, but as there is no miracle pill to keep our bodies fit, there is also no one-step treatment that will keep our skin fit forever. At VITAHL, we know how important it is to keep your skin healthy and we know that skin fitness can be costly. For this reason, we offer VITAHL?s SkinFitTM Membership. For $99 per month, you get a Free Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peel, first access to new treatments offered at VITAHL, and discounts on treatments and products every day. No longer do you have to wait for monthly specials. Now you can get your skin fit while saving every day at VITAHL.