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Look and Feel Rejuvenated with Chemical Peels

  The quality of our skin tends to diminish as we age. This happens due to many reasons, which can include everything from the side effects of growing older to the accumulation of contaminants on the outer layers of the skin. This can make your face look and feel older than it actually is. YouRead More

Most Regrettable Tattoo Competition!

We are starting a tattoo removal competition starting on May 1st through the 15th. Prizes The winner of the ?most regrettable? tattoo will receive free laser treatments to erase their regrets! Second place will receive enough free laser treatments to lighten their regrettable tattoo for cover-up. All contestants will be granted 15% off tattoo packagesRead More

Common Causes of Melasma

People have always valued having a clear and even skin tone. This is especially the case when talking about facial skin. People are attracted to those who have clear, evenly toned skin. An even skin tone is a sign of youth, health and vitality. For this reason, it can be very stressful for a personRead More