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Considering BOTOX Injections?


As adults, we notice difference signs of aging each decade. Often, they appear as fine lines on the forehead which appear when the skin is stretched or relaxed. For this reason, these lines are called dynamic wrinkles. When an individual smiles, frowns, pouts, or narrows the eyes it can give way to showing the wrinkle that these muscles create. Fortunately, BOTOX® injections are a simple remedy for this visual sign of aging.

BOTOX® is a purified protein solution that wears off gradually. As our bodies metabolize the active ingredient it begins to lessen in strength. Some patients ask if your face will look the same after it wears off. The answer is yes! Your muscles will resume their regular strength as the BOTOX® wears off so you can rest assured you will look just like you did prior to BOTOX® and a better you while it’s active! FDA approved to last up to three months.

What BOTOX® Injections Can Correct

This treatment can correct various cosmetic and medical concerns. Cosmetically BOTOX® is FDA approved for forehead, glabella, and crows feet injections. Its other uses are a range of areas like an “orange peel” chin, which are the dimples that occur on the chin when you smile hard or purse your lips together. Medically it can treat hyperhydrosis – excessive sweating. We can also treat TMJ with this injectable, which is a common problem for many patients. By relaxing those muscles in the jaw you are able to chew, swallow, and function as normal. It also softens a very square jaw that many TMJ sufferers dislike.

Talk to an Experienced Professional

At VITAHL Medical Aesthetics we offer consultations for all treatments including BOTOX®. When considering this treatment we will always provide a thorough assessment of your concerns and let you know how we can best address them. Our injectors are always a Registered Nurse or higher degree so you can feel safe in the hands of our medical providers. With many years of experience, they will answer your questions and put you at ease before you start your treatment. BOTOX® is considered a “lunch time” treatment, meaning it’s quick! With consultation you can expect to be in the office for about 45 minutes.

What are the Benefits?

Because BOTOX® tells the muscle to relax and prevents the muscle from forming or deepening a wrinkle, the results are a smooth area. It gives the patient a more refreshed look when injected cosmetically and while your friends and family won’t notice you’ve done it they will certainly be asking why you look so great! BOTOX® can additionally help to strategically give your brows a sublet lift and of course when treating hyperhidrosis, it is sweat reducing!

Set up a consultation at VITAHL Medical Aesthetics to learn more about BOTOX® and how it can help you. We have offices located in Denver. Contact one of our locations today to schedule your consultation!