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DOCARE International Medical Outreach

Last month I participated in the DOCARE International medical outreach trip to a small town in Guatemala, called San Andreas Ixtapa. It?s a great feeling to help people in need and with DOCARE, physicians and medical professionals come together for a week to provide much needed medical attention to some of the world?s poorest people in remote locations.

We set up our clinic in San Andreas and local villagers walked for hours to visit with our doctors about their ailments. We provided free medical services and free medications. The people from these remote areas do not have the access to medical care that we are accustomed to having, and many of the 500 patients a day we saw have never seen a doctor. Most came to see us for the same everyday issues we all go to the doctor for, but others needed more extensive care and we were able to set up and pay for extended care for those in need at hospitals in Antigua and Guatemala City. For some of the patients who were too ill to walk to our clinic, we made home visits. It was eye opening to see how people of these small villages live, many with no running water and no electricity.

It was hard, but rewarding work reaching out to help others. Of course, it wasn?t all work and no play. I was able to take some time off to hike through the country of Guatemala, and experience seeing an active volcano!

Sometimes we all need to be reminded that true beauty isn?t just about our appearance but also about what?s inside. While it?s our goal to help you be beautiful on the outside, we encourage the cultivation of your inner beauty too!