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Happy Birthday VITAHL!

We are 5 years old today!! Happy Birthday VITAHL!! Can’t believe that 5 years ago today we had our last inspection on VITAHL with the dreaded city inspectors, and we officially opened our doors for business on 09/01/05 with zero patients in our system, but many waiting for the day we opened. We slowly booked a few that month, and then grew and grew! 5 years later, we have gone from ZERO patients to a database of over 5000 patients, with about 3000 of these being active patients. We have increased gross revenue, even despite a down economy, and we continue to grow. A lot has changed in 5 years! I am looking forward to all our new stuff as our 6th year in business begins ….. Dr. Martin joining the VITAHL family, VASERshape and VASERlipo launches this month, White Lightening being released this month …. Lots of excitement for our great team!!

Dr. Humes