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I Miss My Lashes

They say you don?t know what you?ve got until it is gone, and this is the truth when it comes to my eyelashes. Latisse has been part of my daily routine for several years, but I did not realize how much of a difference it made in my lashes until I stopped using it. At almost 7 months pregnant, I have not applied Latisse for over half a year. I have gone from getting compliments on my lashes to looking in the mirror and thinking that my eyes look tired. Even my husband has noticed the dramatic change from long and voluminous to short and sparse lashes. I also did not realize how light my natural lashes are; I can hardly see them. I am a dark brunette, and always thought my lashes would stay dark; but as I am aging and without Latisse, they are more of a light brown. As with most women, when I entered my thirties, my eyelashes started to thin, but I did not mind; I had Latisse to solve that problem. I not only loved the way my lashes looked, I loved how they felt when they were long and thick. Luckily I know that I have options, and I will be able to restart Latisse before I know it. In the meantime, I am getting my lashes tinted darker and I may even buy some mascara. If you have not tried Latisse, I highly recommend it! I look at all of the VITAHL staff, admire their long thick lashes, and know I will be back there again soon.
Dr Tahl Humes