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Improving Body Contour or Achieving Body Enhancement

We all have problem areas of the body that we would like to improve. Fortunately, many options exist for improving body contour or achieving body enhancement. The trick is finding the right procedure or procedures for your needs.

Much can be done surgically to enhance the appearance of your breasts. By adding volume with breast implants, a permanent improvement in breast shape and proportion is easily obtained. Achieving a natural result that is appealing with or without clothing is critical, and should be the focus of the surgeon and the patient. When considering implants, we focus on four key areas: the type, shape, feel and placement of the implant. One solution does not fit all! Saline and silicone implants are the two most common options, and there are pros and cons to each. Silicone provides a more natural feel, but saline implants require less monitoring. More recently, we have also begun to improve breast shape with fat transfer procedures, shaping the breasts with fat from the patient?s love handles or abdomen.

Tummy tucks are transformative, easily changing your abdomen from ordinary to extraordinary in one procedure. Just as with breast augmentation, no one solution is right for everyone. You may want a traditional tummy tuck, where the area above the belly button and down to the bikini line is corrected. This results in the tightest and firmest look. Or, if you prefer, we can improve the area just below the belly button with a mini-tuck. If you also want to get rid of love handles or lower back fat, we often combine a tummy tuck with one of the new generation liposuction procedures (Vaser or SmartLipo). Ultimately, these procedures drastically improve the appearance of the trunk (waist, abdomen and pubic area), and in some cases even tighten the muscle layer of the abdomen.

With only a few hours in the office or operating room and with manageable downtime, we are able to transform those problem areas of your body. Call today for an appointment with Dr. Martin to discuss your body contouring and enhancement options.