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Incredible Injectables: What You Need to Know

When it comes to eliminating wrinkles, lines and deep folds, injectables can offer great results. We understand that the choices can be confusing and that is why our skilled injectors at VITAHL will walk you through the right product for your skin type and facial structure in order to implement the improvement you want. We want you to be pleased with the results and to feel like together we?ve achieved your best possible YOU!

When starting, or continuing a regiment of injectables, here are a few things to keep in mind:

? Set a schedule and stick to it. The best results are based on sticking to a schedule. Be consistent with injectables and wait until the results are wearing off before injecting again. That?s the best way to achieve natural looking results.

? Be conservative when starting an injectable program. You?ve probably seen the Sculptra television commercial talking about how you didn?t age overnight, and you shouldn?t anti-age overnight. We agree that the best approach is to start conservatively and build on the results over time.

? Temporary fillers are best. We don?t offer permanent fillers because we believe temporary fillers look more natural. That doesn?t mean you won?t get long lasting results with temporary fillers, you will! But permanent fillers can create permanent problems.

Injectables are a great solution for fighting the signs of aging, but sometimes a comprehensive approaching including a facelift is the best solution. Dr. Martin, our board certified plastic surgeon, can discuss surgical options for you. Both injectables and surgical options can be explored and discussed during your private consultation at VITAHL.


Dr. Humes