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Laser Acne Treatment In Denver: What Are The Benefits?

acne treatment patient

Acne can appear on the skin of almost anyone. Teenagers and adults alike can experience breakouts and try many remedies to remove them. Fortunately, we provide laser treatments at our office in Denver that offer a wide range of benefits, including long-term relief from acne.

Acne breakouts occur when a hair follicle becomes clogged with the natural skin oils and dead skin cells. Bacteria that are already on the face find these follicles a good place to multiply and a small inflammation is born. These inflammations may be relatively harmless like blackheads and white heads, or they can be serious cysts deep in the skin. The most common type of acne is pustules or what are commonly called pimples. There are many creams, lotions, face washes, and gels that claim to treat pimples, but they rarely work.

Laser treatment is a good option for people who suffer from severe acne and have exhausted all topical and oral types of treatments. Laser treatment is non-invasive and may provide long-term freedom from breakouts.

When you consult with our specialist in Denver, your acne will be examined. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the type of acne you have and learn about reasonable expectations so you will be happy with the results after the treatment. The number of sessions you need to get optimum results will depend on the severity of your condition, but you may see results after a series of treatment sessions.

The laser passes through the superficial layers of skin to reach the deeper layers, where the bacteria that cause acne reside. The laser safely targets the bacteria that cause acne. The laser may also affect the sebaceous gland so that it can no longer produce breakouts.

One of the biggest concerns for acne patients is acne scars. The best way to prevent acne scars is to treat and clear up acne before scarring occurs. If you suffer from breakouts and are worried about scars, laser treatment at VITAHL Medical Aesthetics may be your best option. It will not only remove inflammations that are already on your face, but it will also help to stop future breakouts from occurring. Contact us today at 303-388-7380 to schedule a consultation at our office in Denver.