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Lucky Number 7

September 1, 2005 will always be etched in my mind as a life-changing day. I will never forget the building inspector giving us our certificate of occupancy and telling us we were officially able to open for business. Our team was ecstatic and scared. We started that day with zero patients so we immediately began calling the many prospects who asked to be schedule as soon as we opened. Now, seven years later, we have over 8,000 patients, many of whom we have been treating since 2005.

VITAHL is anything but average. When I first envisioned VITAHL, I had the goal in mind to build a business that provided excellent aesthetic medical services. As a team, my staff and I decided who we were and how we wanted to treat patients, and we have stuck with these same core values. What has changed are some of our treatments. Over the past seven years we have expanded our menu to include the latest, most innovative and effective services on the market. Treatments for all skin types and pride ourselves in cutting edge technology. The most gratifying aspect of the past seven years has been helping patients embrace their natural beauty. It is because of you, our patients, that VITAHL has been successful.

Thank you for all of the love and support.
Dr Tahl Humes