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LUST – Botox and Juvederm every 3-4 months on the dot. The big units and more than 1 syringe.
MUST – Botox and Juvederm every 2 months, lower units and fewer syringes. Layer the product and let your pocketbook take a lesser blow.

The price difference – approx. $800-$2,000 every 3-4 months vs. approx. $300-$800 every 2 months. The results – “layering” your injectables is always a great idea. The concept is simple. If some of the product sill remains, there will be less to replace.

LUST – three full face PEARL Laser treatments.
MUST – one full face PEARL Laser treatment and six chemical peels.

The price difference – $2,700 for three PEARL treatments vs. $1,386 for one PEARL and six chemical peels. The results – you will be resurfacing and exfoliating the epidermis treating the superficial dermis to reveal softer, more even pigment, smaller pore size, and overall improved skin quality with the PEARL and chemical peels. So even though PEARL is the gold standard for resurfacing at Vitahl, chemical peels are tried and true and get great results.

LUST – a full skin care regime purchased in one visit.
MUST – purchase two active skin care products that target your biggest skin concerns. Add on more product according to your budget.

The price difference – approx. $515 in one trip vs. approx. $160 for two active skin care products. Even if you add on one skin care product annually, you could still save several hundred dollars over the year by purchasing two “must have” products and adding when your budget allows.

MUST – Medical Facial plus a microdermabrasion

The price difference – $300 every 4-6 weeks vs. $180 every 4-6 weeks. Both are fantastic facial treatments, but if you are on a budget you will still get a great result with the medical facial and microderm.

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