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My Best Friend, The Doctor – By Leigh Sullivan

My Best Friend       

Females – young, or old – are fickle. We tell each other what we want to hear: ?Does my butt look too big in these jeans?? ?Do you like my haircut?? The list goes on and on. Some friends just say what we want to hear because it?s easier. My best friend, however, does NOT.


She is brutally honest, and for that I love her even more! My best friend is a ?real life doctor.? She is beautiful, smart, and dead-ass honest. I?d like to think I am reasonably attractive (by American standards), I have a nice-ish complexion, and am not wrinkly, but the second I ask my bestie what she?d do to me if given the chance, she spews out a laundry list so extensive that I always feel like burying my head in the sand like an ostrich!

Her diagnosis? ?Your complexion is spotty and you need the Ovivo Sol. You have ?bunnies? (wrinkles) in your forehead and you need Botox. You could use some Juvederm in your laugh lines and a touch of Sculptra in your cheeks to give your cheek bones that lift you had in high school!? 

Ok, WHOA ? All meet my bestie, Dr. Tahl Humes of Vitahl Medical Aesthetics. I?m 39 years old, about to be 40 and after a good hard look?I know she?s right! BITCH!!

I have had two babies, I?m of Irish/Italian/German descent, so the reds and the browns are predominate. I have lived a life in the Colorado sun, and like most, I have sun damage, so Dr. Humes informed me that I have ?Melasma,? a tan or dark skin discoloration usually found during pregnancy. Although it can affect anyone, melasma is particularly common in women, especially pregnant women and those who are taking oral or patch contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medications.

I grew up in a family that prided themselves on their looks (not just their faces, people) but how their bodies stacked up next to their peers. And while like I said, I?d like to think that I am average in my looks, I?d also like to point out that I have a theory. Males tend to ?appreciate with age? and women (in general) ?de-appreciate with age.? So I?m going to do whatever I can to maintain what God gave me, for as long as I can, and I?ll do it with the help of my way too honest best-friend, who just happens to be an MD.

I have now subjected myself to three rounds of Ovivo-Sol (laser treatment that takes care of the browns and the reds) received Botox on my forehead, ?bunnies? and the squinty lines around my eyes. I have shot my laugh lines with Juvederm, and gotten my cheek bones shot twice with Sculptra so I can maintain those cheekbones the good lord gave me.

Am I perfect? Oh HELL no! That will never happen. But God bless my bestie for being that brutally honest woman who ALWAYS tells me when my hair color looks like shit, or my dress is actually ugly. Because in my humble opinion, we actually need three things in life: 1. A perfect pair of high-heels 2. A perfect fitting bra and 3. The most brutally honest best friend in the whole world!

Love you doc! ? Mean it!  XOXO