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The holidays are here, believe it or not, and whether it?s the office party, a neighborhood or family gathering, or the annual holiday bash, you want to partake in the fun, while looking and feeling your best and with so many soirees to attend, your skin can be very telling of your holiday habits. This time of year typically increases stress levels, and coupled with little or no sleep, skin flaws, like wrinkles, are much more apparent. And because the cold, dry Colorado air robs skin of its natural moisture and makes it parched, fine lines become more noticeable.

So how can you keep your skin glowing and your wrinkles from showing? There are several solutions to keep common wrinkles like crow?s feet, smile lines and skin laxity at bay. Regular morning and nighttime cleaning and moisturizing with medical grade skin care offer one option, so you need to be committed every day. For more specific issues, you might want to explore plastic surgery. Although plastic surgery used to require weeks of down time, procedures like office-based Vaser Lipo now offered by VITAHL, are less invasive so you can still be ready for the holidays. VITAHL also has several quick-fix treatments for a wrinkle-free social season. Click here for more information on Vaser Lipo.

Whether it?s BOTOX®, a simple, 10-minute, non-surgical process; Laser Genesis, which leaves your skin glowing and refreshed; Dermal Fillers, that plump, restore volume and reshape; or Pearl Resurfacing, to treat deep-layer wrinkles, you can look fresh, fierce and fabulous with little to no recovery time and a huge impact. Click on the treatment names listed above to read more information on each.

So call VITAHL at 303.388.7380 or visit our office in Cherry Creek to discuss or schedule any of our fabulous treatments and start out your holiday season and 2011 looking years younger and feeling confident and ready for anything!