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Reign Maker -Dr Tahl Humes Q&A

I was recently interviewed by Betsy Martin, Editor and Chief, of Reign – Denver’s Authority on Everything Fabulous, a Denver Digital Magazine. Betsy has been involved in local magazines for years, since opening VITAHL in 2006 I have had the pleasure of meeting her and was honored to be featured on Reign for a little Q&A.;  
Betsy Features Local Females in Reign Makers; a peek inside the lives of Denver’s most influential Females and the fabulous finds they can’t live with out.

Dr. Tahl Humes is all about beauty, both inside and out. Here, the owner of Vitahl, one of Colorado?s hottest medical spas, shares her style secrets.

  1. I?m a city girl. I love everything city ? The noise, the traffic, the crowds. My favorite travel is to a fun city where I can spend the day people watching.
  2. Anything Apple, I love my iPad?and MacBook Air?and iPhone.
  3. For a great glass of Malbec and dessert I head to Crave Dessert Bar & Lounge.
  4. I have no idea how to cook, but I love to eat, so we eat out six to seven nights a week. Twelve Restaurant is my home away from home for dinner.
  5. Wrigley, Niko and Botox are my ?furry kids? ? They love to hike with Anthony of Out and About Hounds, and if my dogs are happy, it makes me happy.
  6. Botox, aka Liquid Gold, is definitely my number one guilty pleasure.
  7. Purses, especially Louis Vuitton. My favorite right now is the Louie I purchased in Paris.
  8. iS Clinical Active Serum ? Not only does it help with acne it is anti-aging and brightens your skin.
  9. Of course, I love working at VITAHL Medical Aesthetics, which I started over 6 years ago. We have a great staff and amazing patients so going to work does not seem like work. And, VITAHL would not be growing if it weren?t for LSE (Leigh Sullivan Enterprises), what a great group we are working with!
  10. Working out with my personal trainer Brandon at F.I. Denver. If I am going to keep eating so much I need someone to kick me into shape.
  11. My friends. I truly have some of the greatest friends, both in Denver and back home in Chicago.
  12. International medical outreach work. I travel every February to Guatemala with DOCARE International to treat the medically under served. What a great country and great people.?