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Treat Acne Safely and Comfortably with Blu-U Light Treatment



Acne affects more than just teenagers. Middle-aged and older people are even susceptible to this chronic condition that causes red patches of skin, irritation and other unappealing symptoms.

While there are many acne treatments on the market, they may be harsh or ineffective. They may cause dry skin that is more irritating than acne itself. They can even leave lasting changes to the pigmentation and texture of your otherwise beautiful skin.

The BLU-U light treatment represents a cutting-edge and chemical-free way of treating acne. It tends to be gentler than other treatments while providing a high rate of success in patients.

Understanding the Root of the Problem

Acne stems from inflamed sebaceous glands beneath the skin. These may be clogged from oil, infected by bacteria, or a combination of the two.

The best way to treat acne is to attack the source. Exfoliation can be provided by means of washes and facials, but treating the bacterial vector requires a more effective approach. This is why antibiotics and other antimicrobial agents tend to be used to treat acne, especially in over-the-counter products.

The problems with a chemical-based approach are:

  • It can inflame sebaceous glands further, which aggravates acne symptoms more.
  • It can dry out skin to cause painful cracking and peeling.
  • It may cause pigmentation changes.
  • It may be ineffective if the bacteria have grown resistant to a particular agent.

These potential problems can make treating an already challenging condition even more difficult. Many patients simply choose to live with the unattractive and sometimes painful reality of acne because of this.

Effectively Treating Acne with BLU-U Photodynamic Therapy

One lesser-known fact about bacteria is that their cell structures tend to be susceptible to certain wavelengths of light. They may rupture or be rendered unable to reproduce, causing a negative population growth.

BLU-U delivers a special wavelength of light that renders bacteria less able to function. It works by delivering a stable dose of this light, impairing the ability of bacteria to function.

The difference between BLU-U and chemical-based treatments is that it doesn’t harm your skin. The light penetrates around your pores, which is where acne bacteria tend to make its home.

The light that doesn’t penetrate your pores simply reflects off your skin. This allows BLU-U only to treat the cause of your problem without causing unfortunate and unwanted side effects.

Control Acne Safely with BLU-U Light Treatments

BLU-U represents one of the more advanced ways to control acne. It treats only the problem, allowing you to rid yourself of acne without taking on the burden of unwanted side effects.

Contact Vitahl Medical Aesthetics today. We will schedule a consultation appointment to evaluate your individual needs and to determine the best course of treatment for your acne.