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VITAHL Adds FIZZ to the Menu

This month VITAHL will be adding the latest facial protocol offered by iS Clinical. VITAHL?s version of the Spa Facial, The FIZZ Facial is designed to smooth, brighten, and purify your skin. This effective, yet luxurious facial is designed to provide you with immediate and lasting results using iS Clinical skin care products. During the facial, a warming honey & papaya enzyme are combined to cleanse your skin while providing an aromatic and nurturing sensation. A mud masque of citrus & rosemary is applied to open your pores and draw out additional impurities. Next, a citric acid resurfacing masque is used to exfoliate & smooth the skin while providing a champagne-like sensation. Finally, a copper and botanical mist to aide in collagen production is applied. In honor of our 7th Birthday, The FIZZ Facial is 20% OFF in September. Schedule your appointment so you can relax and change your skin. Call VITAHL Today at 303.388.7380