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Vitahl’s Patient Diary of the Pearl Laser


I am going to tell you about my Pearl Laser, the experience, video of the treatment, and photos throughout the healing. I am a 31 year old female. I tanned often when I was young. I have melasma from pregnancy. In the last few years I have noticed a change in my skin; dullness, fine lines, and more severe acne with pregnancy. I have always had larger pores, redness, and visible veins. I have done aesthetic procedures for 6 years, at Vitahl in Denver. Previous procedures include IPL, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Vein Therapy, Genesis Laser Facial, and Botox.
The Pearl Laser
I apply numbing cream 1 hour before the Pearl. I put ear plugs in before we begin. The procedure begins and honestly I can?t feel anything. The thing that affects me is my senses. The laser and technician are touching my face, I hear the laser actually zapping and I know what is happening to the skin. I was anxious. TIP: Don?t over think what is happening, and bring an IPOD. The only time that I was uncomfortable was around my lips and nostrils, eyes, and ears; the openings of the face. I felt no pain during the laser.


After Pearl day of

My skin felt hot after the Pearl, it lasted for about 2 hours. It feels like a sun burn. Right after the laser my skin was whiteish and had a hexagon pattern. There was clear ooze that appeared in spots the first few hours. I had a lot of sensations; heating up, feeling tight and I started to swell. My shellacked aquaphor started to get thick and yellowish as the day progressed. My husband said it looked like chicken skin or fat.

Day 1
I showered immediately. My hair was stuck to my face and the gelatinous skin and aquaphor mix. I started applying less aquaphor after yesterday, it was so thick it was hard to wash off! My skin began to get tighter and rougher; it still feels like a sun burn. I took an antihistamine for the swelling. The hexagon pattern is still prevalent but my face also looks striped; darker, red, and normal. No more oozing or yellowish substance. By the evening I was getting little white heads (milia), they would extract slowly during washing. I began to peel slightly around my mouth by the evening and the striped grid of hexagons started to convert to red skin all over.
Day 2
My skin is red and hexagon pattern all over. After washing I started using IS Clinical ProHeal before aquaphor to help with healing. The white heads are still forming and my peeling is continuing around my mouth and beginning around my nose. My skin is starting to feel very tight. The white heads are tormenting me. In the afternoon my peeling slowed down. My face feels feverish. Word of the day is red.
Day 3
I was woken by dryness in the middle of the night and had to apply aquaphor. The peeling started around my eyes and chin in the morning. I am still very red, no more white heads though! By the evening my cheeks were beginning to peel but I have to say that between yesterday and today I began to think I would be red forever. I decided not to go into work as planned today because of the redness.
Day 4
My skin is showing improvement today. I would feel comfortable going to work today. The peeling is continuing and the redness is starting to subside, especially around my nose and mouth that peeled first. My left cheek is almost completely peeled. The jaw line is much redder than the rest of my face. I began to apply my usual moisturizer, IS Clinical Moisture Complex, and aquaphor in spots only. I went to a party at a friend?s house and everyone was so interested in what I had done. I didn?t feel uncomfortable about being out. The way everyone described my skin was that I looked like I had been skiing all day.


Day 5

My skin is pink and still darker on the chin line. I am still using Aquaphor in spots. My skin is extra dry around the perimeter. I am comfortable going to work today, no makeup but a little mascara.

Day 6
As of today I am healed. I am still dry but I look normal, just rosy.
Day 7
Day 8

After Pearl Thoughts

If you want to change your skin do this procedure the results are undeniable. My texture improved; scaring is less deep, dullness is gone, my pores are smaller. My tone is more even, my sun damage (freckling) is dramatically different. I felt like I could cleanse too hard or do damage during the healing process. Dr. Humes assured me there was nothing I could do to my face, and everything I was seeing was normal. Since I am a fair Irish gal the red was a natural result for me, but varies person to person. By day four I saw the healing and I was confident. My skin needed more moisture than normal for a week after. I remained rosy for two weeks. I broke out more than normal my next cycle, like a deep cleaning almost.

My lowest moments

1. My husband telling me the first day that my skin ?looks like chicken fat or?chicken skin.?
2. Saying to my husband on day 2 ? I think my skin will be red for forever?
3. During the red days, days 2 and 3 was when I was anxious about the procedure.

My Highest Moments

1. The results.
2. Erasing the last few tired years of motherhood in my skin.
3. Noticing a change in my skin, and feeling it.
4. My visible sun damage is 80% gone. Amazing!

Before Photos


After Photos


You can learn more about Pearl Skin Resurfacing at Vitahl Medical Aesthetics.