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Brilliant Distinctions Program at VITAHL

Beauty has its rewards, and in this case, we mean dollar rewards! VITAHL has partnered with Allergan to offer a terrific program that benefits our loyal patients. Through this complimentary program, Allergan helps pays for your treatments! You get fantastic savings on your favorite – or soon to be favorite – cosmetic treatments, and who does not want to look great while saving a pretty penny?
Not sure how the program works? Our Patient Liaison, Megan, is here to help. During your visit, she will get you registered for the program. Registered patients who are treated with Juvederm and/or Botox earn points. You can also earn points every time you purchase Latisse. These points equal dollars, which can be applied towards future Botox and Juvederm treatments, or can be used towards the purchase of Latisse. If you are a registered patient, you are already saving money; but you may still need Megan?s help. She is happy to make this program work for you.
Once you have received your Botox and/or Juvederm treatment, our staff will deposit your points so you can be on your way to earning more beauty dollars. The Brilliant Distinctions Program will send you an email notification, which will include a voucher from your recent treatment. When you are ready for your next treatment, you must log into your Brilliant Distinctions account to redeem your points and print out your coupon. You can do this at home, or Megan can help you do it in the office. Please be aware that points do expire, so we recommend converting them to dollars on a regular basis. The program gets even better when you refer a friend. You get $25 worth of points from Allergan towards your next purchase. The more you participate in the program the greater your rewards!
For more information, please contact Megan. She can be reached via email at or in the office at 303.388.7380.