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Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores are a cosmetic concern for many of our patients. The average human face has thousands of pores. Pores are microscopic openings at the surface of the skin that provide a way for the body to flush out toxins, regulate body temperature and moisturize dry skin.

Pores may appear enlarged for a number of reasons:

– Genetic predisposition

– Too much sun exposure

– Increased oil production

– Naturally due to age

– Smoking


There are a number of ways to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, starting with a good home care regime to keep pores free of debris. Dirt, oil and dead skin cells tend to collect around pores, making them appear even larger.

– Washing your face daily is vital to a healthy, vibrant complexion. Use a mild yet active cleanser so you do not over treat and dry out your skin because the body will respond to dry skin by increasing oil production that can exaggerate the appearance of already enlarged pores.

– Treatment products that exfoliate the skin can keep debris from building up in pores. Depending on your skin, a combination of topical treatments may also be recommended such as retinoids, salicylic acid, alpha hydroxyl acid or benzoyl peroxides to further minimize the appearance of your pores.

– Daily sunscreen is also important. Protecting your skin with an SPF will prevent the rims of your pores from becoming thicker and enlarged.


Lasers and professional skin care treatments can also help improve the appearance of large pores. These treatments include:

– Chemical Peels

– Microdermabrasion

– Dermaplaning

– Laser Skin Resurfacing

– Laser Genesis


VITAHL offers consultations. Come in for a skin analysis with one of our highly trained clinicians to get your skin on the right track.