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Make every minute count when it comes to your skin care routine. During the cold winter months, don?t forget to take the time to care for your skin. Here are some beauty tips and treatments to try based on how many minutes you have to spend.

1 minute treatments:
? Apply sunscreen with an antioxidant before you leave the house for the day. Super Serum Advance+ and Pro Heal Advance+ (both available at VITAHL) insure that you are ready for the elements with the double defense of sunscreen and an antioxidant.
? Pamper your eyes. Instantly plump the skin under your eyes, while firming and hydrating, with IS Clinical?s Youth Eye Complex, also available at VITAHL.

15 minute treatments:? Botox ? “Liquid Gold”. It?s our favorite tip for softening wrinkles!
? Peel away dead skin, minimize fine lines and brighten your skin with a Glycolic Peel.

30 minute treatments:? Polish and rejuvenate skin with microdermabrasion.
? Decrease pore size and redness with Laser Genesis, a must for glowing skin.
? Refresh your hands, neck and chest – don’t ignore these areas that are also prone to aging and wrinkles. Add them to your Laser Genesis treatments.

60 minute treatments:
? Reduce crepiness while increasing collagen production. Both the Pearl and Titan lasers increase collagen production and tighten the skin around your eyes, jawline and neck.

Best Wishes,
Dr. Humes