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Foundation of Beauty

French women have long known that the foundation of beauty is excellence in skin care, not an overly heightened focus on makeup.  So ingrained in their culture, well-being and femininity, this wisdom is passed down from generation to generation, and taken very seriously.  This is something American women can learn from and take to heart ? or rather, face.

A dermaplane, peel or laser treatment, can go much further to sustain a refreshed and beautiful appearance, than any amount of makeup can. Dermaplanes and peels exfoliate the skin, allowing you to slough off dry and deak skin, rejuvenating your complexion in the process. Lasers stimulate collagen and even out skin tone.  Once the skin is cared for in this manner, a daily routine of high quality skin care products should be in place to protect your investment.  At minimum, women should be using a cleanser, a collagen stimulating product, a moisturizer [with SPF is smart] and eye cream. It?s also a good idea to treat the neck and décolleté.  These two areas are often where women show more signs of aging, but tend to be overlooked when moisturizing.

Don?t get us wrong, makeup is important, but nothing can take the place of a good skin care regimen and daily commitment to it.  To give you a perfect analogy: It?s much like painting your home without first prepping the surfaces first.  No amount or quality of paint can substitute for the appropriate amount of prep work, to be sure the surfaces are smooth and the reduction of flaws, addressed.

We have two lines of excellent skin care products which have been personally selected by Dr. Humes, to meet all skin care needs across a spectrum of skin types.  Lines include iS Clinical & Skin Medica.