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Improve Your Body Contours with Non-Surgical truSculpt Treatments



Fat is an essential part of life. Your body needs a certain body fat percentage to ensure that it can continue to function normally. The problem arrives when your body fat interferes with your self-image. You can lose a certain amount of fat through changes in your diet and exercise, but troublesome areas may still retain fat. This can drastically hurt your image. The good news is that cutting-edge treatments are making it possible to treat the problem of fat and loose skin. Non-surgical truSculpt™ body contouring represents one of the most advanced ways to accomplish this.

How Does truSculpt™ Work?

Traditional methods of fat contouring require incision, the injection of solutions and the removal of fat via surgical means. This can make fat contouring unattractive, and it can require additional procedures for the loose skin that may remain.

However, truSculpt™ works in a different way. It utilizes non-invasive radiofrequency waves to direct energy deep into the cells of the body. This allows the heat to harmlessly pass through healthy skin cells and other structures that may reside above the target areas.

When the energy reaches the fat cells, it transforms into heat. This breaks down fat cells, which in turn allows the lymphatic system to remove them over the following weeks.

The major advantage of truSculpt™ body contouring is the fact that the energy it releases interacts with the collagen layers of the skin. This encourages the skin to tighten, which is essential to adding that extra polish that professional skin contouring requires without the need for surgery.

The Benefits of truSculpt™ Body Contouring

As an innovative and non-invasive form of treating excess fat and loose skin, truSculpt™ carries certain benefits over other forms of treatment.

These include:

  • No required surgery. This means less discomfort, fewer complications, and a more positive overall result.
  • Effective and even reduction in fatty areas. The radiofrequency energy emitted by truSculpt™ effectively works to interrupt fat, which in turn allows the body to effectively remove it.
  • Minimal discomfort. The minimally invasive nature of truSculpt™ means that discomfort is minimized to nonexistent.
  • Skin is unharmed. The radiofrequency waves harmlessly pass through the skin, which means you will not see any changes to your skin.
  • Visual improvements in just one to two sessions. The improvements from truSculpt™ can quickly be seen. While larger areas will require more treatments, most patients will see an improvement following just a couple of sessions.

Innovative and Safe Fat Contouring

The truSculpt™ method utilizes an innovative way to treat troublesome fat areas. This allows it to provide swift improvements while minimizing complications with nearby skin.

To learn more about how truSculpt™ body contouring can help you attain the body shape you desire, visit VITAHL Medical Aesthetics in Denver. We can determine if your unique needs can be met by this non-invasive procedure. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.