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Men and Aesthetics at VITAHL

Men have figured out the secret that women have long known– appearance can make a difference. Men have become increasingly aware that aesthetic treatments may benefit their social life, and are becoming more concerned about their appearance.

While Skincare may not have been top priority for men in the past, whether competing in the world of business or on the dating scene, many men have realized that it’s only natural to want to look their best. Dating has changed significantly over the past few years because of the internet. In today’s society, online dating is a more intimate process, which is much more visual and heavily dependent upon pictures. It is hard to deny that a self-confident looking man is likely to attract more women. One of the most popular treatments reported among men is Botox. Data shows that 1 out of 5 patients being treated with Botox is a man.  Most men who choose to have Botox injections do so to eliminate strong lines and wrinkles. This reveals a more relaxed appearance. It’s only natural to want to look and feel your best, and it’s never too late. Call VITAHL today to schedule a consultation 303.388.7370