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Happy New Year! Time has flown by and after months of getting ready for parties and taking care of others, now it is YOUR time to relax, reset, and focus on you. As we move into the new year, we know that even as the economy is improving, it is still important to try to save money and find good deals. With this in mind, in 2011, VITAHL is going to work to help you save on medical aesthetic treatments every day with our SkinFit? Membership program. Our goal is for you to have a way to save without having to compromise the quality of your medical care. These cosmetic treatments are also MEDICAL treatments, and should be taken seriously.

I recently saw a story about a 35-year-old woman in Florida who chose a good deal on liposuction without checking on the provider’s expertise. Unfortunately, she experienced very negative results from the procedure. Had she done more research on the physician, she would have found that the surgeon had been disciplined by the state on more than one occasion. When I saw this, it not only saddened me, but it reinforced to me the need for good medicine when it comes to cosmetic treatments. While this is an extreme example, it reminds us why BOTOX, lasers, liposuction and other aesthetic treatments need to be performed with the same level of safety and professionalism as other medical procedures, even if they are ?only cosmetic.?

While VITAHL is not the only good medical aesthetics practice in Denver, I can say that every day we strive to be the best we can be. Our mission has always been to provide excellent patient care while adhering to the highest standard of ethics. Our clinicians are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. We regularly take advanced training courses to learn more about the treatments we offer. While we offer some of the same treatments that we offered when we opened more than 5 years ago, we are not performing these procedures exactly the same way. We have expanded our treatment protocols based on advanced trainings. For example, Laser Genesis and Pearl Laser treatment results at VITAHL are much different than what you will see from the same lasers at a different office. We want you to have a way to save money without sacrificing good medicine. We will still offer monthly specials, but rather than having many different specials to choose from each month, we will have one or two. We will also still have our last-minute Facebook and cancellation e-mail ?one-day-only specials.? Additionally, we will be offering our new SkinFit Membership, where patients can get special pricing ANY day, regardless of how many units of BOTOX or number of treatments they purchase.

Call VITAHL today to learn more on our new SkinFit Membership, 303.388.7380