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VITAHL – Not Your Average Doctors Office

I recently read an interesting article in W magazine titled, ?Face Off? and it got me thinking about VITAHL and our mission. When I created VITAHL, I wanted it to be known first and foremost as a medical office owned and operated by a practicing physician who offered results- driven clinical aesthetic treatments. Today, that philosophy is more important than ever. Shortly after opening, the medical-aesthetics market exploded, fueled by business entrepreneurs opening non-physician-owned ?medi-spas.? The majority of these facilities are owned and operated by entrepreneurs, not physicians, and they comply with the legal definition of medical spa by contracting with a physician who rarely, if ever, steps through the front door. These facilities often are known to produce mediocre and even negative results because they are operated as a retail-based revenue model instead of being a bona fide medical practice.

Just know that I am totally immersed in VITAHL. I feel that we are only as good as my involvement in the office. You deserve the opinion of a trained physician when it comes to your skin treatment options and regiment. Unlike most facilities, our office and staff is set up like a medical office, with licensed physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and aestheticians, all of whom undergo extensive additional training administered by me. I am also committed to learning about all new procedures and products brought into our facility, and I require the same of my staff.

I want us to not only have the best technology, but to be the best at doing the treatments. For example, when we brought on Pearl Fractional, it was not enough to be trained by the company. I wanted to train with the doctors who did the research that brought the machine to market. Now, as we introduce VASERshape, our new non-surgical fat removal machine, we not only are the only office in Colorado with this technology, but we are the only office in the country who will be trained by the makers of the machine in Italy so we can learn from the best. I want the level of professionalism, competency and quality of VITAHL to outshine the bad experiences that some of you may have experienced at a ?medi-spa.?

When it comes to products we offer here at VITAHL, rest assured that at VITAHL we won?t recommend products that you don?t need. I personally test the entire product inventory we offer to ensure that they produce the results they claim and only those that do end up on our shelves. In addition, I constantly research and test new products. When a new product surfaces that provides superior results I am not afraid to replace an existing product or line with one that produces better results. We are a result driven medical practice and so are all of our products.

One refreshing way we different from the cold and clinical offices described in the W article is our warm and enticing atmosphere. At VITAHL we have consciously created a warm, inviting and relaxing environment at our offices. I feel there is no need to produce or expose our patients to a cold and sterile environment in order for their treatment to feel safe and effective.

Thank you for your contined support of Vitahl.

“Face Off” article in W magazine August 2010