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VITAHL Only Colorado Location Offering New, Non-Surgical Fat-Removal Treatment

If you?ve hesitated to have lipo treatments because they seemed, well, too invasive, we have good news. VITAHL is one of just 12 medical offices across the country to offer a new, non-surgical lipo treatment called VASERshape. VASERshape is the latest innovation from Louisville, Colo., based Sound Surgical Technologies. It has been available for many years in Europe, marketed under the name MedContour, and the results seen in their many patients have been amazing. VASERshape is a non-invasive body contouring treatment for localized fat and deep cellulite. It uses the combined action of two low-frequency ultrasounds concentrated onto the area being treated, offering fat removal that is both highly effective and entirely safe.

VITAHL is proud to be chosen the first location in Colorado to offer this latest non-invasive fat removal treatment. Unlike other non-invasive body contouring devices, VASERshape has reproducible results. Now, you can lose inches of unwanted fat without downtime, by using safe and effective ultrasound technology!

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