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Weight Loss Benefits of TruSCULPT 3D

trusculpt patient

After years of fad diets and religious visits to the gym, I see that my love handles and lower abdomen could benefit from an intervention. VITAHL Medical Aesthetics had the non-surgical solution that I needed, TruSCULPT 3D. TruSCULPT 3D is a body contouring treatment with no downtime or recovery. The procedure uses non-invasive radiofrequency that helped me achieve my goals.

This radiofrequency energy has the ability to surpass the surface of the skin and target those stubborn underlying fat cells without damaging or injuring the surrounding skin, connective tissue, nerves or blood vessels. The destroyed cells are gradually removed by the body over the course of about three months, resulting in improved shape.

Sure my skin was a little pink immediately after the treatment, but it was totally worth it. The treatment was comfortable, quick and easy. I’m even considering it on my thighs and chin now.

VITAHL recommends TruSCULPT 3D for those who are at or near their targeted body weight, who have areas of excess fat, who have no contraindicating medical conditions, and who have realistic treatment goals and expectations may be good candidates for this procedure. During your consultation, VITAHL’S medical team will evaluate your individual condition and determine if TruSCULPT 3D is right for you.