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truSculpt fleX vs truSculpt iD: Which One Is for Me?

More and more people are turning to non-invasive cosmetic procedures to contour their bodies as opposed to expensive and painful cosmetic surgeries. You can find personalized, non-surgical treatments to address whatever area of your body that you want to improve.  Best of all there’s no downtime with these types of treatments, so you don’t haveRead More

Weight Loss Benefits of TruSCULPT 3D

After years of fad diets and religious visits to the gym, I see that my love handles and lower abdomen could benefit from an intervention. VITAHL Medical Aesthetics had the non-surgical solution that I needed, TruSCULPT 3D. TruSCULPT 3D is a body contouring treatment with no downtime or recovery. The procedure uses non-invasive radiofrequency thatRead More

When to Opt for Trusculpt 3D in Denver

Many patients want to target stubborn body fat and sculpt a slim figure without a lengthy and uncomfortable recovery. That is why we are proud to offer truSculpt 3D to any and all residents of Denver and the surrounding communities who would like to be comfortable in their own skin. This advanced treatment will helpRead More