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Happy New Year

2012 has arrived, and the first things we think about are our New Year’s resolutions. We all make mistakes and have regrets, but no longer do you have to say “what?s done is done.” With a new year comes a new YOU, and with the latest technological advances, VITAHL’s highly experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you rewind time and erase those unfortunate decisions.

Are you regretting those delicious holiday snacks? You can get a jump-start trimming those excess inches you put on during the holidays with our favorite non-surgical fat blaster, VASER Shape. Why hit the gym for numerous hours a week, when you can see up to half an inch lost in most areas after your first one or two treatments?

Are you tired of looking at that tattoo you thought was a good idea after a few too many cocktails or pressure from your friends (you know what I am talking about, we’ve all been there)? You can say hasta la vista to your unwanted tattoo mistake, and start fresh, with no regrets, using the latest and most advanced tattoo removal technology on the market, the RevLite SI. You will start to see results within weeks after your first treatment.

Is the cold and snowy weather making you dream of beaches, but you look in the mirror and realize the sun has left your skin lacking that radiant glow you once had? Remember those days when lathering baby oil all over your body to achieve that beautiful sun tanned skin seemed like such a great idea, but now its left you looking dull and leathery? No problem! We have the answer for you ? IPL Photo Facial, Ovivo Sol, and Pearl can help erase sun damage, age spots and freckles with minimal downtime.

Not sure where to start? Come in for a free consultation so you can take advantage of the amazing specials we are offering in January, and make 2012 the year to erase your regrets!

Warm Regards,