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Say Goodbye to Your Regretful Ink with Laser Tattoo Removal


Tattoos are designed to be as permanent as the skin upon your body. Some are even able to outlast your body, as there are countless examples where tattoos exist on ancient bodies. While a tattoo may seem like a bright idea, this permanence makes them something that people often come to regret. Your proud tattoo may turn into regretful ink that keeps you from obtaining a job or being as close with someone as you’d like.

The good news is that laser tattoo removal exists as a way to correct your regretful ink. It can help your body break down the pigments that make up your tattoos, which in turn can allow you to free yourself from ink that you no longer desire. If you are considering tattoo removal, it is a good idea to know how laser tattoo removal works and why it may be your best option.

What is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser tattoo removal utilizes special frequencies of light to break down tattoos. This helps the body naturally remove them, which in turn allows ink to be removed without the need for uncomfortable and invasive procedures. To best understand how this works, you should understand why tattoos are permanent.

During the tattoo process, an artist injects ink pigment under the skin. These particles are too big for the body to remove, which in turn is what gives tattoos their ability to last for many years. Some tattoos fade because their pigments can be broken down by the body, or these particles are small enough for the lymphatic system to remove. This principle is the same one that laser tattoo removal uses to remove unsightly ink.

Laser tattoo removal exposes tattooed areas to special frequencies of light. This light passes harmlessly through the skin and causes pigments of a certain color to vibrate. This creates heat, which in turn leads to the pigments breaking down. Once the ink has been broken down into small enough pieces, the body can readily remove the tattoos. This leads to the absence of tattoos, which in turn can allow you to live free from your regretful ink.

Why Might It Be Your Best Option?

Laser tattoo removal provides numerous benefits, but the most important pertains to the reduced number of complications and discomfort associated with tattoo removal. The laser light in laser tattoo removal leaves the surrounding tissues unharmed while affecting only the tattoo. This means that there are no wounds, no risk of infection and minimal side effects. This makes tattoo removal safer and more of a possibility for people with compromised immune systems and other complications.

The other reason you may wish to pursue laser tattoo removal revolves around the convenience. Most sessions last thirty minutes to an hour, which means that you can obtain freedom from unwanted tattoos in a relatively short period of time.

Learn More Today

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